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Most small businesses rely on lenders for capital to start or expand their business. To meet their funding requirements, borrowers often utilize multiple business loan programs. When you partner with us, the total funding package is most often a combination of two loans, one from your commercial lender and a second government small business loan through Wyoming Capital Access. Throughout the process you will work with two loan officers, one from Wyoming Capital Access and one from your bank. The loan officers will work together to eliminate duplications of forms and requests for information.

Once you have identified the scope of your small business project, we suggest the following course of action:

SBA 504 Process Guidelines

  1. Contact your commercial lender or Wyoming Capital Access to determine if your project fits SBA 504 loan guidelines.
  2. Go to Downloadable Forms for everything you need to complete the 504 loan online application, along with a helpful Loan Process Guide.
  3. Review the Forms and Loan Process Guide to identify the required information.
  4. Click on Online Application to start the application process or download the PDF application.
  5. The Wyoming Capital Access loan officer will work closely with your commercial loan officer to organize and analyze the documents and information you provide. Each loan officer will submit your loan request to their local credit committee for approval.
  6. Once local approval is obtained, the Wyoming Capital Access loan officer will submit the loan request to SBA for approval.
  7. Wyoming Capital Access will close the SBA loan simultaneously with your commercial lender closing, or shortly after.
  8. The commercial lender initially funds the total financing package; their loan and the SBA 504 loan. SBA typically funds a 504 loan within 60 days of your signing the closing documents and sends the money directly to your commercial lender to pay down the loan amount.

Call us today with any questions regarding your project, small business financing programs, or the information required to complete the SBA 504 loan application package.

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The SBA 504 loan program provides long-term, low interest, fixed-rate financing to Wyoming small businesses.
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